Technological maps
The future harvest depends on the technology of crops cultivation, but when developing technological operations an agronomist does not always analyze the economic efficiency of their use and, more often, he does not have a tool for estimating future expenses. The Soft.Farm system provides one-place storage and development of technological maps of growing crops. The calculation of the need for fuel and lubricant materials, fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds and wages is made quickly and conveniently, which allows you to evaluate the economic efficiency and to analyze the self-cost of the developed agricultural operations on crops, field or group of fields. The agronomist no longer needs to rewrite manually the technological operations every year, the software allows you to create copies and enumerate the rates of fertilizer application, seeding rates, rates of plant protection products application, depending on the change in crop growing conditions.
Differential application
An agricultural field over the entire area has differences in soil properties and requires different amounts of nutrients. Differential fertilization or application of plant protection products can significantly reduce the consumption of materials per hectare. Modern technologies and technical equipment allow you to apply materials on a variable rate, but for management you need a high-quality map of tasks. The Soft.Farm web service collects data on satellite monitoring of crops and soil properties for several years, and then helps the agronomist to identify problem areas for developing a map of tasks on variable rate application. We propose to calculate the maps of differential application and the amount of the required solution, taking into account the characteristics of each field, which will ensure the effective use of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products and reduce the farm expenses as a whole.
Learn to develop the technological maps and task maps by yourself!
We have developed and are constantly improving video tutorials for the practical use of the system and its functions – technological maps and differential application.