Soils and cartograms

12.10 2018

Soils and cartograms

Soil analysis, compilation of cartograms and agrochemical passports are almost the most important elements in precision farming. Why are these items so useful? The cartogram displays the intensity of any indicator within the field map, whether it is the density or the percentage of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium) in the soil. With its help, each farmer can make a competent plan for the differential introduction of nutrients on any land plot.

“So there are agrochemical laboratories. Why do we need some kind of electronic system? ”You can say. Reasonable. But tell me, how often did you encounter a problem when agrochemical laboratories gave the results of soil analyzes in printed form? And how soon did the accumulated documentation cease to fit in the desktop drawer?

From now on, no need to waste your time on sorting out waste paper! The web service «Soft.Farm» makes it possible to create cartograms of soil characteristics on its own, and thanks to the user-friendly interface, the search and analysis of cartograms has become even easier and more accessible.

If you are aiming to use soils rationally, do not spend extra funds on fertilizers or plant protection products and discover the “Cartograms” function of our online system. Create a unified knowledge base of soils of the land bank to increase soil fertility together with the «Soft.Farm» team.

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