Soft.Farm starts the new agricultural season with the exhibition "AgroVesna 2019"

26.02 2019

Soft.Farm starts the new agricultural season with the exhibition

From February 19 to February 21, 2019, the International Exhibition Center (Kiev) hosted the prestigious exhibition event of the new agrarian season - “AgroVesna 2019”.

More than 18,000 people from 36 countries visited the exhibition for three saturated days, 570 companies from 23 countries participated in AgroVesna 2019, 7 national and 2 collective expositions were shown, more than 30 business events were held and advanced technologies in the field of grain farming and animal husbandry were presented , poultry and fruit and vegetable industry.

The Soft.Farm team also took part in this large-scale event in the section of the Grain Technologies exhibition together with a partner of the "Intris Trade" company. The company "Intris Trade" specializes in the development, production and implementation of monitoring systems for seeding and the introduction of bulk and liquid fertilizers, as well as monitoring the operation of seed plants using GPS.

The Soft.Farm company, as a partner in software and technological solutions, introduced the "Soft.Farm" portal subsystem intended for the visualization and processing of the results of the seeding control systems "Intris Trade", namely:
- online monitoring of work performance;
- analysis of the quality of sowing;
- integration with the field work planning subsystem.

The overall objective of Soft.Farm and "Intris Trade" is the distribution and support of precision farming systems, the use of which is one of the key factors for increasing crop yields, reducing costs for field work and increasing the profitability of a client’s business.

Thanks to the organizers, partners and visitors of AgroVesna 2019 for their interest in the presented product and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest scientific, technical and technological achievements of recent years.

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