Planning of crops for the next year

04.10 2018

Planning of crops for the next year

Every experienced agronomist knows how important to make a competent plan of crops for the next year. A huge number of factors affects the field seeding scheme, so for saving your time, the Soft.Farm web service offers a crop planning function.

With this function, you can allocate a certain area to different cultures in your area, depending on the season, taking into account the needs of each crop as much as possible. Now you do not need to store all crop information in different Excel spreadsheets. The online system "Soft.Farm" has already done everything for you. We combined the data on the plot, the precursor of culture, the planned and actual yield data, and the collection in one single table. In addition, the program automatically proposes crop options for sowing, considering which culture was a precursor.

And even this is not all! The program itself calculates economic costs, so you do not need to waste your time on calculating profits. By changing the data in the table, you can immediately see the real changes in the economic indicators. Thus, by modifying the parameters, you can come up to suit you consensus without "dirtying" notebook, looking for appropriate indicators.

Use your resources efficiently and improve the quality of agricultural work together with Soft.Farm.

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