Other applications have replaced Soft.Farm Eye

12.04 2019

Other applications have replaced Soft.Farm Eye

The development of IT-technologies does not stand still, which means that we are developing along with them.

The number of tasks that need to be solved here and now is growing. Mobile application "Soft.Farm Eye" has a wide functionality, but with each update the load on the application becomes more and more, which affects the speed of its work. Based on this, the Soft.Farm team decided to divide the “Soft.Farm Eye” options into three separate applications that can be found in the Play Store. There is:

- Agroscouting

- Field work

- GPS. Fields. Area measurement

We stop developing and supporting Soft.Farm Eye and ask users to switch to using other Soft.Farm mobile applications in the near future.

All funds remain in your accounts and are available for use in new applications.

We are grateful to our customers for their understanding. If you have questions or suggestions for working in new applications, write to info@soft.farm

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