Land audit is easy!

04.07 2019

Land audit is easy!

In the age of technology development, when IT companies offer the agricultural sector a range of useful tools, the agrarians have a completely different problem - the problem of choice. Which program is better? What is more informative? What will help solve the tasks? And these questions do not count...

Cadastral registration of a land bank is a painstaking daily work that requires special accuracy and attention. To simplify its management and move away from paperwork, it is enough to simply enter the data on contractors and land plots into the program. It would seem that nothing complicated, but only data input takes weeks or even months and the work of the whole land department. As a result, the most valuable thing irrevocably goes away - this time.

The Soft.Farm team solved the problem of long-term application of documents and implemented the function of easy and quick loading of cadastral data. You must enter the information in the generated template, which is loaded into the system in one click. Among the important information about the land plot you can add not only the data on tenants, the terms of the lease agreements and registration documents, but also indicate the fields and branches, the exchange fund, additional information about the plot and much more.

Using the Soft.Farm web service is now even easier. After a quick download of the documentation, you can immediately visualize the location of the plots, filter them by the end of the lease contracts, see the units for which the exchange is planned, and quickly solve all cadastral registration tasks in one program.

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