Economic training in precision farming

23.11 2018

Economic training in precision farming

December 19-20, 2018 economic training in precision farming will be held at the base of the computer academy “Shag” of the city of Kiev.

The aim of the training team SoftFarm set to teach agronomists and middle managers to use the tools of modern agronomy in their daily work. Namely:

- use satellite images and NDVI indices;

- optimally plan field work;

- create an optimal technology plan;

- to adjust the calculation of completed hectares and control the fuel using GPS monitoring;

- save the results of soil analysis and create cartograms;

- develop problem maps for differential distribution;

- to adjust the accounting of the land bank and lease agreements.

And the main thing is to evaluate your actions from an economic point of view and further reduce production costs.

If you are determined to master the principles of working with systems of precision farming and learn how to profit from where everyone loses, then highly qualified specialists of the SoftFarm web service invite you to an economic training at the address: Kiev, ul. C. Petliura number 28. Send the request form and get detailed information about the program, and the conditions of participation from our manager.

See you in Kiеv!

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