Connect to John Deere Data

11.09 2019

Connect to John Deere Data

Today many agricultural enterprises already have GPS monitoring systems for equipment and fuel control. Their use allows farmers to prevent the misuse of machines and establish a dispatch service. But the capabilities of these systems are much wider. The Soft.Farm web-service offers the functions of automatic calculation of cultivated hectares, distribution of fuel for moving and working, prompt receipt of information on the performance of work and fuel consumption in the context of agricultural operations, fields, equipment, machine operators.

Big Data and Digital are no longer unusual, as it is now possible to connect to data from any system. If you use Wialon, Wialon Hosting, Wialon Pro, SKT Globus, DozoR or Control Plus GPS monitoring, Soft.Farm integrates quickly and provides access to information. In addition, Soft.Farm is planned to evolve and constantly opens up new functions for its customers. Now, along with data from other GPS integrators, there is an opportunity to receive information about John Deere equipment.

Soft.Farm has been licensed by John Deere, which has become the new partner of the GPS monitoring web-service. Today, all users who have access to MyJohnDeere have the ability to connect John Deere technology information to Soft.Farm. For them, the functions of monitoring technology online and calculating hectares in field work become available.

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