Accounting for exchange plots becomes more convenient

28.03 2019

Accounting for exchange plots becomes more convenient

Recently, many clients are asking the same question: “Do you have land exchanges?” They give examples of land records in Excel, but without visualizing exchange units on a cadastral map, it’s very difficult to understand the information. At the same time, land plots have been introduced at many enterprises, but the manager cannot quickly obtain information about the state of the land bank.

This situation is typical for agribusinesses that do not implement a comprehensive management accounting system in their farms. Automation in Excel is an imitation of a systematic approach to the organization of business processes in the enterprise. This approach does not allow creating a single information space, which leads to unreliable data.

For example, the employee responsible for working with shareholders maintains records in an Excel-file. When changing information about the shareholder or the term of the lease agreement, he must notify the accounting department of the adjustments, but does so with a delay. At this moment, the head of the company needs to know how many neighboring land plots he processes and how many of his shares are in the fields of a neighbor ... And here it begins: the accounting department says one thing, lawyers another, paid the same amount for the rent, and in fact cultivates the another area... The manager loses his precious time, has no reliable information, cannot make a decision, and in the meantime a neighbor gets an extra rent.

Implement a management accounting system and create a single information space together with Soft.Farm. In this way, you will ensure that you make the right management decisions based on reliable information.

Agribusiness should start with the accounting of the land bank and lease agreements. The system chosen for implementation should be able to scale and provide automation of agricultural accounting management processes from sowing to harvest.

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