Information system of animal science Soft.Farm
Logs of
zootechnic activities
Feed rations
Economic analysis
Accounting livestock
Electronic livestock cards allow you to store and quickly find information about the location of the animal, its birth, parents and health state. The created livestock cards will allow analyzing the structure of the stock by age and sex groups, to determine the optimal composition of brood stock to increase the farming efficiency.
Logs of zootechnic activities
It is very important to carry out zootechnic activities (cattle - mating, lactation period, starting, calving, etc.; rabbits - mating, palpation, kindling, suckling, repair, etc.) in a timely manner. To provide this, there is an option to set the periods for the implementation of such activities and then to receive automatically the hints on your mobile device in the form of reports on the work plan on the every-day-basis.
Feed rations
First of all the productivity of the animal depends on the feed ration. Calculate the ration, based on the feed supply, which is used in your farm. The system contains feeding standards and a large feed base, taking into account the nutritional value of feeds, which allows you to calculate a well-balanced feed ration.
Economic analysis
The reporting system allows you to determine the expected time and amount of livestock production for successful implementation, to analyze and to identify the non-productive animals that receive high-quality feed, but do not provide high-quality products. Such system also makes it impossible to enter unreliable data by farm personnel. The head farmer receives only reliable ad accurate information for taking management decisions.
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